• M.Sc Biotechnology, Life Sciences Correspondence programme
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  • 2022
  • Author
  • Pranav Kumar, Former faculty, Department of Biotechnology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
    Usha Mina, Associate Professor, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
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Product description

There is no magic formula for success. It requires right preparatory guidance from the very beginning. The correspondence programme offered by Pathfinder Academy lays emphasis on making the students to imbibe the fundamental concepts and on sharpening their analytical skill. The study materials are not only very comprehensive in context and treatment but also highly focused and organized to optimize success. Study materials are specially designed to provide you strong competencies on subjects and develop confidence in basics, problem- solving skills and a competitive advantage. It also equips the students with validated tools to measure progress, improvement and performance maximization.

Under correspondence programme we provide

Theory Books: We believe that the educational study material should be simple, precise, easy to understand and practical, so that even an average student can utilize it. Our study material has deep extensive coverage of theory to build up a solid foundation and clear concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology according to newer trends and patterns of entrance examinations. In physics, mathematics and chemistry, every topic covers relevant theory, solved problems and the exercises. It has been designed to enhance the self motivation and strategic learning skill of students and empowering them with a mechanism to measure and analyze their abilities. The course material is in the English medium only.

Practice Books: An exclusive fundamental search based package of multiple choice questions, is basically designed for Biotechnology and Life Science Entrance Examinations by Pathfinder Academy for students to help them revise, consolidate and polish their knowledge and skills. This includes chapterwise previous year’s questions along with their solutions from JNU, IIT, IISc, GATE, AIIMS and other Biotechnology | Life sciences entrance examinations. It also includes similar pattern of new application based factual and synthetic questions for in-depth understanding of subject and test their comprehension of key concepts. Practice books contain more than 5000 Multiple Choice Questions and their solutions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Unit Test Papers: There is a misconception that merely solving large number of test papers without caring for standard of their questions would prepare one for all India entrance tests like IIT/JNU/IISc/AIIMS. One must note that it is the diversity and standard of questions that matter. Merely solving questions up to the level of 10+2 examination especially in biology lead to nowhere. Standard of questions should be at par with the JNU/IIT/IISc/AIIMS entrance papers. Our postal test series is designed to maximize the study gains and further hone up skills. Postal test series includes fifteen unit test papers. Each unit test paper will contain 120 questions (Bio-50, Che-30, Phy-25, Math-15).

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  • Product Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Pathfinder Publication, a unit of Pathfinder Academy Pvt. Ltd
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-81-90642-76-7
  • Edition: 2022