M.Sc Biotech and Life Sciences : Online Mock Test

It is not just sound theoretical foundations, but also repeated standard practice that gives you the necessary acumen required to crack the competitive examinations. Preparing well for M.Sc entrance (Biotech and Life Sciences) examinations is one thing and transforming the knowledge and skills into success on exam day is another. Many students are not able to adopt the right approach and proper examination temperament, as they do not have the right feedback on their preparation. Our mock tests have been designed to provide in-depth knowledge and proper examination temperament. It will teach you how not to fail. It will give you an opportunity to convert your skill into success and to evaluate self-performance. Our online test series is a variant of test series that tries to bridge the distance gap for those who do not have access to the test locations. Added to that, our incredible testing and analysis platform will assist you in your test preparation and scale your performance against most brilliant students across the nation.

Types of mock tests

  • JNU Life Sciences (Five mock tests)
  • JGEEBILS (TIFR) Biology | Life Sciences (Five mock tests)
  • IIT-JAM Biotech (Five mock tests)
  • GAT-B (Five mock tests)

Schedule of JNU Life Sciences

1st Mock Test JNU Life Sciences 14 August, 2021
2nd Mock Test JNU Life Sciences 21 August, 2021
3rd Mock Test JNU Life Sciences 28 August, 2021
4th Mock Test JNU Life Sciences 04 September, 2021
5th Mock Test JNU Life Sciences 11 September, 2021

Schedule of JGEEBILS (TIFR)

1st Mock Test JGEEBILS (TIFR) 06 November, 2021
2nd Mock Test JGEEBILS (TIFR) 13 November, 2021
3rd Mock Test JGEEBILS (TIFR) 20 November, 2021
4th Mock Test JGEEBILS (TIFR) 27 November, 2021
5th Mock Test JGEEBILS (TIFR) 04 December, 2021

Schedule of IIT-JAM Biotech

1st Mock Test IIT-JAM Biotech 01 January, 2022
2nd Mock Test IIT-JAM Biotech 08 January, 2022
3rd Mock Test IIT-JAM Biotech 15 January, 2022
4th Mock Test IIT-JAM Biotech 22 January, 2022
5th Mock Test IIT-JAM Biotech 29 January, 2022

Schedule of GAT-B

1st Mock Test GAT-B 03 July, 2021  
2nd Mock Test GAT-B 10 July, 2021  
3rd Mock Test GAT-B 17 July, 2021  
4th Mock Test GAT-B 24 July, 2021  
5th Mock Test GAT-B 31 July, 2021  

Log-in time for mock test

10 A.M. to 5 P.M. (If anyone will miss the Log-in timings, then there is no chance to appear in Mock Test.)

Result and analysis of mock test

The result will be declared on next day of each mock test (timings: 10 A.M.) and it will remain open for two days so that anybody can check and analyse the result. Apart from answer key (along with hint of analytical and numerical questions)-a comprehensive test analysis will be provided to evaluate your test preparation like All India Rank, score card, time taken to solve each question, percentage, comparison with toppers, part-wise performance, cut-off analysis etc.

Medium of examination

The medium of examination is only English.

Note : Only desktop / laptop supported.


JNU Life Sciences (Five mock tests)   :   Rs.1000/- (Including GST)

JGEEBILS (TIFR) (Five mock tests)   :   Rs.1000/- (Including GST)

IIT-JAM Biotech (Five mock tests)   :   Rs.1000/- (Including GST)

GAT-B (Five mock tests)   :   Rs.1000/- (Including GST)

Combo (IIT-JAM Biotech   +  JNU Life Sciences   +   JGEEBILS (TIFR)   :   Rs.2500/- (Including GST)

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Note : You are advised that before appearing for our Online mock tests, you should practice the questions from our book ‘MCQs’ published by Pathfinder Publication and Previous year questions from various examinations like IIT-JAM, GAT-B, TIFR, AIIMS, JNU Life Sciences etc.. Our ‘MCQs’ contain topic-wise as well as unit-wise analytical and conceptual questions to develop in-depth understanding of concepts and their applications. By solving those questions one can understand the pattern of questions.